Refit Rigid Inflatable Boats - RIBs Mallorca

refit rigid inflatable boats – RIBs Mallorca

Refit RIBs - Rigid Inflatable Boats Mallorca

Refit Rigid Inflatable Boats – there comes the time when you might be thinking about overhauling your boat. This can save you the constant remedy of annoying and constantly recurring defects. In the course of time, the costs can far exceed that of a “Refit” treatment.

Therefore, let Rebecca Yachting work with you to create a list of the most important deficiencies to design a “Refit Plan” that adapts to your needs. The most important areas are:

Retubing – Overhaul and verification of technical and electronic systems
Motor inspection – Antifouling – Repair or new upholstery
GRP works – Inox work – Painting of boat hulls – Polishing

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