Fire Extinguishers for Boat & Yacht in Mallorca

fire extinguishers – choice, inspection and maintenance

Fire Extinguishers for Boats and Yachts in Mallorca

There are many different types of fire classes, such as: A – B – C – D – F and various types of fire extinguishers such as fire extinguishing systems. Powder extinguishers, foam extinguishers, CO-2 extinguishers for the engine compartment, marine Fire Extinguishing Systems. Depending on the boat type, automatic or manual, we can advise you.

Other services include maintenance and refilling, Hydrostatic pressure test, fire hose maintenance and renewal such as smoke and fire alarm maintenance. Under certain circumstances, the use of unsuitable extinguishing agents can be possibly ineffective or even dangerous. For example, the use of a standard extinguishing agent against a Class A, B, C and D fire could be ineffective for a Class F fire.

Carbon dioxide is a residue-free extinguishing agent and is therefore often used in areas with electronics (engine room). Therefore, the CO2 extinguisher is also suitable as a fire extinguisher option on board. These are only a few features. The choice, inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers should be done by a competent expert.

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